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Don't install

git-svn-id: 3b8d8251-53f3-0310-8f3b-fd1cb8370982
parent 386864f5
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ install: build
@install -d $(DESTDIR)$(BININSTDIR)
@install -d $(DESTDIR)$(INSTDIR)
@for i in $(INSTDIRS); do install -d $(DESTDIR)$(INSTDIR)/$$i; done
@install -m 644 {forthker-$(ARCH),bigforth,xbigforth}.fi {float,glconst,xconst}.fm $(DESTDIR)$(INSTDIR)
@install -m 644 {forthker-$(ARCH),bigforth,xbigforth}.fi {glconst,xconst}.fm $(DESTDIR)$(INSTDIR)
@install -m 644 $(INI) $(DESTDIR)$(INSTDIR)
@install -m 644 $(XINI) $(DESTDIR)$(INSTDIR)
@install -m 755 {forthker-$(ARCH),bigforth,xbigforth}$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)$(BININSTDIR)
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