Commit 9655f24e authored by pknaggs's avatar pknaggs
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Fixed corss reference errors due to missing sections.

parent 8fcafd17
......@@ -1114,7 +1114,7 @@
\item[11] File-Access Word Set: % file
\item \textsf{x:throw-iors}: Removed \param{ior} from table \xref{file:types}.
\item \textsf{x:throw-iors}: Removed \xref{file:ior}.
\item \textsf{x:throw-iors}: Removed \textbf{ I/O results}.
\item \textsf{x:thorw-iors}: Removed \param{ior} documentation requirement from \xref{file:impopt}.
......@@ -1130,7 +1130,7 @@
\item[14] Memory-Allocation Word Set: % memory
\item \textsf{x:throw-iors}: Removed \xref{mem:ior}{}.
\item \textsf{x:throw-iors}: Removed \textbf{14.3.1 I/O Results data type}.
\item \textsf{x:throw-iors}: Replaced \xref{mem:docs}{}.
......@@ -1158,7 +1158,7 @@
\item[A] Rationale (Annex \ref{annex:rationale}): % rationale
\item \textsf{ed13}: Revised first line of \xref{rat:scope}{}.
\item \textsf{ed13}: Removed \xref{doc:org}{}.
\item \textsf{ed13}: Removed \textbf{A.1.3 Document organization}.
\item \textsf{x:throw-iors}: Added \xref{rat:ior}{}.
\item \textsf{ed13}: Minor revision to second paragraph of \xref{rat:aaddr}{}.
\item \textsf{ed13}: Corrected typo in \xref{rat:regions}{}.
......@@ -1198,8 +1198,9 @@
\item \textsf{ed13}: Moved paragraph in \xref{diff:ans}{}.
\item \textsf{ed13}: Minor revision to \xref{diff:approach}{}.
\item \textsf{x:obsolete}: Replaced \xref{diff:ans:obsolete}{}.
\item Replaced \xref{diff:94:obsolete} with \xref{diff:fpstack}{} (\textsf{x:fpstack})
and \xref{diff:environment}{} (\textsf{x:environment}).
\item Replaced \textbf{C.7.2 Obsolescent features} with
\xref{diff:fpstack}{} (\textsf{x:fpstack}) and
\xref{diff:environment}{} (\textsf{x:environment}).
\item Added
\xref{diff:12:to}{} (\textsf{x:to}),
\xref{diff:12:ior}{} (\textsf{x:thorw-iors}),
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