Commit e3efc7e6 authored by Nicolas Rougier's avatar Nicolas Rougier

Merge Adrian Broher/Marcel Metz into Marcel Metz

parent 6622cc69
......@@ -49,7 +49,6 @@ Contributors:
* Julian Mayer (Several bugfixes and code for
* Sylvain Duclos (Android port)
* Wang Yongcong (Improvements on the windows build and code review)
* Marcel Metz (Bug report & fix and CMmake no demo option)
* Jonas Wielicki (Bug report & fix on the CMakefile)
* whatmannerofburgeristhis (Bug report in makefont)
* Andrei Petrovici (Fine analysis of the whole code and report of potential problems)
......@@ -69,5 +68,5 @@ Contributors:
* dsewtz (Bug report & fix)
* jcgamestoy (Bug report & fix)
* Behdad Esfahbod (Bug fix on harfbuzz demo)
* Adrian Broher (Code analysis & fix)
* Marcel Metz (Bug report & fix, CMmake no demo option, makefont parameters)
* PJ O'Halloran (svn to git migration)
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