Commit 46b390dd authored by Gerald Wodni's avatar Gerald Wodni
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resolve-included-file-hook added for include-filename manipulation

parent b0aaa9cb
......@@ -250,8 +250,13 @@ Variable tfile
2drop 2drop 2drop r>
defer resolve-included-file-hook ( addr1 u1 -- addr2 u2 ) \ gforth
\G called before opening an included file, allows path manipulation
' noop is resolve-included-file-hook
: open-fpath-file ( addr1 u1 -- wfileid addr2 u2 0 | ior ) \ gforth
\G Look in the Forth search path for the file specified by @var{addr1 u1}.
\G If found, the resulting path and an open file descriptor
\G are returned. If the file is not found, @var{ior} is non-zero.
fpath open-path-file ;
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