Commit ac38d2f0 authored by Bernd Paysan's avatar Bernd Paysan

Better version of +place now also in cross

parent c31ce74b
......@@ -402,14 +402,12 @@ Create NoFile ," #load-file#"
[IFUNDEF] +place
: +place ( adr len adr )
2dup >r >r
dup c@ char+ + swap move
r> r> dup c@ rot + swap c! ;
2dup c@ dup >r + over c! r> char+ + swap move ;
[IFUNDEF] place
: place ( c-addr1 u c-addr2 )
2dup c! char+ swap move ;
2dup c! char+ swap move ;
\ if we have path handling, use this and the setup of it
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