Commit ad0c45a7 authored by Anton Ertl's avatar Anton Ertl

no longer check for or package (q)ecvt_r

parent 9581e8ac
......@@ -565,7 +565,7 @@ ENGINE_SOURCES = engine/ engine/ \
engine/support.c engine/signals.c engine/libcc.h \
engine/ engine/profile.c engine/128bit.h \
engine/getopt.c engine/getopt1.c engine/getopt.h \
engine/select.c engine/ecvt_r.c engine/memcmp.c engine/rint.c \
engine/select.c engine/memcmp.c engine/rint.c \
engine/strtol.c engine/strtoul.c engine/ansidecl.h \
engine/memmove.c engine/pow10.c engine/atanh.c \
engine/cleanalign.c engine/strerror.c engine/strsignal.c \
......@@ -243,10 +243,6 @@ AC_ARG_VAR(asmcomment, [assembler comment start string])
AC_ARG_VAR(arm_cacheflush, [file containing ARM cacheflush function (without .c)])
AC_ARG_VAR(LTDL_LIBRARY_PATH, [additional directories for libltdl (for some 64-bit platforms)])
#ecvt_r is buggy on at least MacOS X, and not better than our ecvt_r
# in glibc, so use our ecvt_r by default
test -z "$ac_cv_func_ecvt_r" && ac_cv_func_ecvt_r=no
test -z "$HOSTCC" && HOSTCC='$(GCC)'
#set up feature test macros, so the tests get them right:
......@@ -1230,8 +1226,7 @@ AC_DECL_SYS_SIGLIST
AC_CHECK_FUNC(getopt_long,[true],[AC_LIBOBJ(getopt) AC_LIBOBJ(getopt1)])
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(expm1 log1p)
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(mcheck mprobe)
AC_REPLACE_FUNCS(rint ecvt_r)
#No check for select, because our replacement is no good under
#anything but DOS
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(sys/mman.h sys/epoll.h fnmatch.h alloca.h wchar.h endian.h spawn.h)
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