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# What it's not for #

All technology is dual use, so you can use it to defend yourself as well as
to attack others. When net2o defends your privacy by hiding what you
communicate, it makes it easier to plot crimes, to copy information which is
regarded illegal (e.g. copyright violations or child porn), and in other ways
subvert law.  On the other hand, privacy is also protected by law, so
supporting privacy through technical means is supporting the law.

One of the key doctrines of the rule of law is the principle of
proportionality.  Catching criminals should be something which requires
effort, an effort that is comparable to the damages of criminality and the
efforts to hide criminal activity.

Fortunately, intercepting communication is not the only way to investigate
crimes - from the experience with data retention, it seems to be that
surveillance is a pretty bad way to do so.  Therefore, if you think your
life depends on net2o, because you are planning something which your government
will pursue with a lot of resources, don't.  net2o is making the Internet
a bit more secure, but it doesn't make you invisible, it doesn't make the
damage to your victims and your profits go away.  And that means there are
still traces, and with enough effort, you will be identified.  Remember:
Freedom, security, and convenience form a triangle, you can't get 100% of all
of them at the same time, but we can make efforts to give you a good compromise
of all three.

net2o is deliberately made to give enough convenience to be used by
everybody, because without wide use, your communication will be insecure most
of the time, even if you want to make the effort to communicate securely.
 With net2o, your communication is more secure, so you enjoy more freedom.
 But don't overdo it, as there are limitations.  net2o doesn't help
much on endpoint security - it doesn't protect your device from being taken
over and remotely controlled, especially if the means to take it over are
coming from channels totally unrelated to net2o.  net2o doesn't prevent
your conspiracy group to be infiltrated by agents.  And net2o doesn't hide
the money traces from your illegal sales, though maybe someone might implement
an anonymous currency on top of it.

Therefore, net2o's ambitions are just humble to make it sufficiently
more difficult and expensive to create dragnet surveillance, to make
it costly enough to invade your privacy so that it isn't done without
due cause.  For a free society, that is just as it is meant by the
constitution, so net2o is defending the constitution.  For a less free
society, being more safe from attacks from the outside is still
considered important, so it is defending sovereignty.

## Bottom Line ##

I don't want to know the content of your communication, as that's not my
business.  I don't want to operate the computers which store these
information, because that's not my business plan; it gives you control and
responsibility.  Use it wisely, use it for good.