Commit 6b95a867 authored by Bernd Paysan's avatar Bernd Paysan

Fix for new exif API

parent 758bf897
......@@ -1118,8 +1118,10 @@ default-sd to slide-deck
i# imgs[] $[] @ >o image-tex
?read-enc-hashed save-mem
mem-exif [: 2dup >thumb-scan ;] catch file-exif drop
mem>texture img-orient 1- dup to rotate# 4 and IF swap THEN
mem-exif [: 2dup >thumb-scan ;] catch drop
mem>texture img-orient @ 1- 0 max dup to rotate#
4 and IF swap THEN
tile-glue >o
pixelsize# fm* fdup vglue-c df! dpy-h @ fm/
pixelsize# fm* fdup hglue-c df! dpy-w @ fm/ fmax 1/f fdup
......@@ -1684,7 +1684,7 @@ forward hash-in
4 /string save-mem over >r 2dup jpeg? IF
2dup >thumbnail
?dup-IF over >r hash-in
[: forth:type img-orient 1- forth:emit ;] $tmp
[: forth:type img-orient @ 1- forth:emit ;] $tmp
r> free throw THEN
2swap slurp-file over >r hash-in r> free throw 2swap
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