Commit 8e13e812 authored by bernd's avatar bernd

Use stack-$off in cmd-loop

parent cff93f16
......@@ -378,7 +378,7 @@ Variable throwcount
r> sp! 2drop +cmd ;
: cmd-loop ( addr u -- )
string-stack $off object-stack off o to connection
stacks-$off o to connection
o IF
maxdata code+
cmd0source off
......@@ -547,12 +547,15 @@ User t-stack
User nest-stack
: stacks-off ( -- )
\g clear stack user variables which might have copied into
\g another task
string-stack off
object-stack off
t-stack off
nest-stack off ;
: stacks-$off ( -- )
\g free stack user variables before freeing the task
string-stack $off
object-stack $off
t-stack $off
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