Commit a95f27eb authored by Bernd Paysan's avatar Bernd Paysan

Add debugging switch to fetch pks

parent 1ec673d8
......@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ debug: deprecated( \ deprecated stuff
debug: unhandled( \ unhandled commands
debug: syncfile( \ synchronous file operations
debug: newvault( \ new style vault keys
debug: pks( \ fetch pks
-db profile( \ don't profile by default )
+db ipv6( \ ipv6 should be on by default )
......@@ -1317,7 +1317,7 @@ previous
msg-group-o >o msg:?otr msg:-otr o> >r
[: cells >r msg-log@ { log u } u r> - 0 max { u' }
log u ?scan-pks ?fetch-pks
pks( log u ?scan-pks ?fetch-pks )
log u' ?search-lock
log u u' /string bounds ?DO
I log - cell/ to log#
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