Commit e0706f33 authored by Bernd Paysan's avatar Bernd Paysan

Add ?fetch-pks to GUI stuff

parent 64ecc772
......@@ -1379,7 +1379,9 @@ wmsg-o >o msg-table @ token-table ! o>
load-msg msg-log@ { log u }
log u gen-calendar ?dup-IF msgs-box .child+ THEN
glue*lll }}glue msgs-box .child+
u gui-msgs# cells - 0 max { u' } log u' wmsg-o .?search-lock
u gui-msgs# cells - 0 max { u' }
log u ?scan-pks ?fetch-pks \ activate ?fetch-pks
log u' wmsg-o .?search-lock
log u u' /string bounds ?DO
I log - cell/ to log#
I $@ { d: msgt }
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