Commit 6f59d2e4 authored by Bernd Paysan's avatar Bernd Paysan

Add new key, work on dual-architecture Inno Setup installer

parent 97032786
......@@ -105,7 +105,10 @@ done) | sed \
-e 's,^\([^\\]*\)$,Source: "\1"; DestDir: "{app}",g')
Source: "net2o.ico"; DestDir: "{app}"
$(for i in */.libs/*.dll; do
echo "Source: \"$i\"; DestDir: \"{app}\\..\\gforth\"" | tr '/' '\\'
echo "Source: \"$i\"; DestDir: \"{app}\\..\\gforth\"; Check: Is64BitInstallMode" | tr '/' '\\'
$(for i in */.libs/*.dll; do
echo "Source: \"C:\\cygwin$(pwd)\\$i\"; DestDir: \"{app}\\..\\gforth\"; Check: not Is64BitInstallMode" | tr '/' '\\'
$(ls lib/gforth/$VERSION/amd64/libcc-named/*.la | sed -e 's,^\(..*\)$,Source: "\1"; DestDir: "{app}\\..\\gforth\\lib\\gforth\\'$VERSION'\\amd64\\libcc-named"; Check: Is64BitInstallMode,g' -e 's:/:\\:g')
$(ls lib/gforth/$VERSION/amd64/libcc-named/.libs/*.dll | sed -e 's,^\(..*\)$,Source: "\1"; DestDir: "{app}\\..\\gforth\\lib\\gforth\\'$VERSION'\\amd64\\libcc-named\\.libs"; Check: Is64BitInstallMode,g' -e 's:/:\\:g')
......@@ -90,16 +90,21 @@ from the latest Snapshot first.
Then you install the current [net2o](
### Key information (new key for September 28th 2017)
### Key information (new key for September 18th 2018)
I changed my key to a Certum smartcard based rsa2048 key.
I changed my key to a Certum smartcard based rsa2048 key, this is the first
update, and I generated a new key pair for that.
These files are now signed with a [sha256rsa2048
certificate]( with the
SHA-1 fingerprint (why are fingerprints still SHA-1?)
f0:db:1a:7c:c4:22:49:d6:9f:cd:40:3b:dc:6b:a3:9c:6b:a4:ac:4b, CN=Open Source Developer, Bernd Paysan, L=München, O=Open Source Developer, C=DE
E =
CN = Open Source Developer, Bernd Paysan
L = München
O = Open Source Developer
C = DE
Get it for PC from source
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