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......@@ -917,7 +917,15 @@ philosophy.\ifeightyfour\else\footnote{Editor's note: But see the
recant in the 1994 Preface on page \pageref{preface94}\ifofour, and
the clairification in the 2004 Preface on page
\pageref{preface2004}\fi. Think of something like Windows COM
``objects'' or CORBA.}\fi
``objects'' or CORBA.
Real object oriented programming, as it originates in Smalltalk, does
not hide information from the programmer. Adding a ``scrambled''
method to the egg machine is no problem. Smalltalk works by adding
methods to known classes, you don't even need to subclass them. You
can look inside an object and its source code whenever you want. And
table driven method dispatching can be quite efficient.
\begin{flushright}\person{Bernd Paysan}\end{flushright}}\fi
An object is a portion of code that can be invoked by a single name,
but that can perform more than one function. To select a particular
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