Commit 2e68b2b6 authored by bp's avatar bp

Script to transform old to new text fields

git-svn-id: 3b8d8251-53f3-0310-8f3b-fd1cb8370982
parent b7f5a7f0
for i in *.m
sed -e 's/\(\^\^ SN\[.*\]SN ( MINOS )\) \([\-&0-9.]* \]N ( MINOS )\)/\2 \1/g' \
-e 's/\(\^\^ SF\[.*\]SF ( MINOS )\) \([+\-&0-9.]* \]F ( MINOS )\)/\2 \1/g' \
-e 's/\(^ *\)\(\^\^ ST\[.*\]ST ( MINOS )\) [ST]\(" [^"]*"\)/\1T\3 \2/g' \
<$i >$i+ && mv $i+ $i
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