Use ge25519_niels type

parent 826adf4f
......@@ -21,6 +21,9 @@ typedef uint32_t bignum25519[10];
typedef struct ge25519_t {
bignum25519 x, y, z, t;
} ge25519;
typedef struct ge25519_niels_t {
bignum25519 ysubx, xaddy, t2d;
} ge25519_niels;
void ge25519_pack(unsigned char r[32], const ge25519 *p);
int ge25519_unpack_negative_vartime(ge25519 *r, const unsigned char p[32]);
......@@ -43,6 +46,6 @@ const ge25519 ge25519_basepoint;
const bignum25519 ge25519_ecd;
const bignum25519 ge25519_ec2d;
const bignum25519 ge25519_sqrtneg1;
const ge25519 ge25519_niels_sliding_multiples[32];
const ge25519_niels ge25519_niels_sliding_multiples[32];
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