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Replaced table with \member macro, the change macros (\place, \remove and...

Replaced table with \member macro, the change macros (\place, \remove and \replace) don't work well with \email or tables.
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......@@ -24,41 +24,68 @@ fail to attend two consecutive voting meetings.
% }{}
M. Anton Ertl (Chair) \dotfill& Technische Universit\"at Wien \\
\email{} & Wien, Austria \\
Dr. Peter Knaggs (Editor) \dotfill& \remove{ed08}{Bournemouth} University \place{ed08}{of Exeter} \\
\remove{ed08}{\texttt{}}& \replace{ed08}{Bournemouth}{Exeter}, UK \\
\place{ed08}{\texttt{}} \\
Willem Botha \dotfill& Construction Computer Software (Pty) Ltd \\
\email{} & Cape Town, South Africa \\
Federico de Ceballos \dotfill& Universidad de Cantabria \\
\email{} & Santander, Spain \\
\place{ed08}{Andrew Haley} \dotfill& \place{ed08}{Red Hat UK Ltd.} \\
\place{ed08}{\texttt{}} & \place{ed08}{Cambridge, UK} \\
\place{ed08}{Ulrich Hoffmann} \dotfill& FH Wedel \\
\place{ed08}{\texttt{}} & \place{ed08}{Wedel, Germany} \\
\place{ed08}{Bernd Paysan} \dotfill& \place{ed08}{Head Issue GmbH} \\
\place{ed08}{\texttt{}} & \place{ed08}{Munich, Germany} \\
Stephen Pelc \dotfill& MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd. \\
\email{} & Southampton, UK \\
Dr. Bill Stoddart \dotfill& University of Teesside \\
\email{} & Middlesbrough, UK \\
\place{ed08}{Willi Stricker} \dotfill& \place{ed08}{FH Hannover} \\
\place{ed08}{\texttt{}} & \place{ed08}{Hannover, Germany}
Carsten Strotmann \dotfill& \\
\email{} & Neuenkirchen, Germany \\
\place{ed08}{Leon Wagner} \dotfill& \place{ed08}{Forth, Inc.} \\
\place{ed08}{\texttt{}} & \place{ed08}{Los Angeles, USA} \\
\newcommand{\member}[4]{% {name}{email}{Company}{Address}
\makebox[0.5\linewidth][l]{#1\dotfill} \quad \makebox{#3} \\
\makebox[0.5\linewidth][l]{#2} \quad #4 \\[-\baselineskip]
\member{M. Anton Ertl (Chair)}
{Technische Universit\"at Wien}
{Wien, Austria}
\member{Dr. Peter Knaggs (Editor)}
{\remove{ed08}{Bournemouth} University \place{ed08}{of Exeter}}
{\replace{ed08}{Bournemouth}{Exeter}, UK} \\
\member{Willem Botha}
{Construction Computer Software (Pty) Ltd}
{Cape Town, South Africa}
\member{Federico de Ceballos}
{Universidad de Cantabria}
{Santander, Spain}
\member{\place{ed08}{Andrew Haley}}
{\place{ed08}{Red Hat UK Ltd.}}
{\place{ed08}{Cambridge, UK}}
\member{\place{ed08}{Ulrich Hoffmann}}
{\place{ed08}{FH Wedel}}
{\place{ed08}{Wedel, Germany}}
\member{\place{ed08}{Bernd Paysan}}
{\place{ed08}{Head Issue GmbH}}
{\place{ed08}{Munich, Germany}}
\member{Stephen Pelc}
{MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd.}
{Southampton, UK}
\member{Dr. Bill Stoddart}
{University of Teesside}
{Middlesbrough, UK}
\member{\place{ed08}{Willi Stricker}}
{\place{ed08}{FH Hannover}}
{\place{ed08}{Hannover, Germany}}
\member{Carsten Strotmann}
{Neuenkirchen, Germany}
\member{\place{ed08}{Leon Wagner}}
{\place{ed08}{Forth, Inc.}}
{\place{ed08}{Los Angeles, USA}}
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