Commit abfc18de authored by pknaggs's avatar pknaggs

Applied RC0 changes, removing explicit reference to extensions.

parent 6d58a17a
......@@ -271,15 +271,9 @@ glossary entries of the relevant words:
The following specific ambiguous conditions are have been introduced
as a consequence of specific extensions.
% ==== X:Deferred ====
\item[\textsf{X:deferred}] ~
\item access to a deferred word, a word defined by \wref{core:DEFER}{DEFER},
which has yet to be assigned to an \param{xt}.
......@@ -289,17 +283,15 @@ as a consequence of specific extensions.
\item \wref{core:POSTPONE}{POSTPONE}, \wref{core:[COMPILE]}{[COMPILE]},
\wref{core:[']}{[']} or \wref{core:'}{'} applied to \wref{core:ACTION-OF}{ACTION-OF}
or \wref{core:IS}{IS}.
% ==== X: Escaped Strings ====
\item \bs{x} is not followed by two hexadecimal characters (\wref{core:Seq}{}).
\item a \bs{} is placed before any character, other than those defined in
\subsection{Other system documentation} % 4.1.3
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