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# Freetype GL - A C OpenGL Freetype engine
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A small library for displaying Unicode in OpenGL using a single texture and
a single vertex buffer.
[Installation instructions](
## Code organization
### Mandatory files
* **texture-font**: The texture-font structure is in charge of creating bitmap
glyphs and to upload them to the texture atlas.
* **texture-atlas**: This structure is responsible for the packing of small
regions into a bigger texture. It is based on the skyline
bottom left algorithm which appear to be well suited for
storing glyphs. More information at:
* **vector**: This structure loosely mimics the std::vector class from
c++. It is used by texture-atlas (for storing nodes),
texture-font (for storing glyphs) and font-manager (for
storing fonts). More information at:
### Optional files
* **markup**: Simple structure that describes text properties (font
family, font size, colors, underline, etc.)
* **font-manager**: Structure in charge of caching fonts.
* **vertex-buffer**: Generic vertex buffer structure inspired by pyglet
(python). (more information at
* **edtaa3func**: Distance field computation by Stefan Gustavson
(more information at
* **makefont**: Allow to generate header file with font information
(texture + glyphs) such that it can be used without
## Contributors
* Ryan.H.Kawicki (Initial CMake project)
* Julian Mayer (Several bugfixes and code for
* Sylvain Duclos (Android port)
* Wang Yongcong (Improvements on the windows build and code review)
* Jonas Wielicki (Bug report & fix on the CMakefile)
* whatmannerofburgeristhis (Bug report in makefont)
* Andrei Petrovici (Fine analysis of the whole code and report of potential problems)
* Cristi Caloghera (Report on bad vertex buffer usage)
* Andrei Petrovici (Code review)
* Kim Jacobsen (Bug report & fix)
* bsoddd (Bug report & fix)
* Greg Douglas (Bug report & fix)
* Jim Teeuwen (Bug report & fix)
* quarnster (Bug report & fix)
* Per Inge Mathisen (Bug report & fix)
* Wojciech Mamrak (Code review, bug report & fix)
* Wael Eloraiby (Put code to the C89 norm and fix CMakefile)
* Christian Forfang (Code review, fix & patch for 3.2 core profile)
* Lukas Murmann (Code review & fix for 3.2 core profile)
* Jérémie Roy (Code review, fix and new ideas)
* dsewtz (Bug report & fix)
* jcgamestoy (Bug report & fix)
* Behdad Esfahbod (Bug fix on harfbuzz demo)
* Marcel Metz (Bug report & fix, CMmake no demo option, makefont parameters)
* PJ O'Halloran (svn to git migration)
* William Light (Face creation from memory)
* Jan Niklas Hasse (Bug report & fix +
* Pierre-Emmanuel Lallemant (Bug report & fix + travis setup)
* Robert Conde (Bug report & fix)
* Mikołaj Siedlarek (Build system bug fix)
* Preet Desai (Bug report & fix)
* Andy Staton (CMake fix and added namespace safeguard (avoiding glm collisions))
* Daniel Burke (Removed GLEW dependency and fix problems with font licences)
* Bob Kocisko (Added horizontal text alignment and text bounds calculation)
* Ciro Santilli (Improve markdown documentation)
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