Commit 3b935f30 authored by Anton Ertl's avatar Anton Ertl

more portability cleanup

parent c1181fb0
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......@@ -435,10 +435,10 @@ UCell hashkey2a(Char *s, UCell n)
int rot1 = w*4-1;
size_t pagesize=4096; /* a power-of-2 that's at most as large as a page
if you change this, change test/other.fs */
UCell k0 = w==8 ? 0xb64d532aaaaaaad5 : 0xb653aad5;
UCell k0 = w==8 ? 0xb64d532aaaaaaad5LL : 0xb653aad5L;
/* the 64-bit k0 gives not-so-catastrophic avalanche results on a
case-insensitive version; the 32-bit version is based on that */
UCell upmask = w==8 ? 0x2020202020202020L : 0x20202020L;
UCell upmask = w==8 ? 0x2020202020202020LL : 0x20202020L;
UCell h,h1;
if (n<=w) {
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