Commit 3f45d7a0 authored by Anton Ertl's avatar Anton Ertl

renamed fconstant G into PHI; more documentation

parent d9ca227c
......@@ -117,11 +117,11 @@ previous
zln z2/ zexp THEN ;
: z** ( z1 z2 -- z1**z2 ) zswap zln z* zexp ;
\ Test: Fibonacci-Zahlen
1e 5e fsqrt f+ f2/ fconstant g 1e g f- fconstant -h
1e 5e fsqrt f+ f2/ fconstant phi 1e phi f- fconstant -h
: zfib ( z1 -- fib[z1] )
zdup z>r g 0e zswap z**
zdup z>r phi 0e zswap z**
zr> zswap z>r -h 0e zswap z** znegate zr> z+
[ g -h f- 1/f ] FLiteral zscale ;
[ phi -h f- 1/f ] FLiteral zscale ;
\ complexe Operationen 02mar05py
......@@ -12450,17 +12450,21 @@ doc-edit
@code{Help} sets the current location, so you can use @code{n} and
@code{b} to show more of the text, or @code{g} to visit the
documentation in an editor (@pxref{Locating source code definitions}).
@node Locating uses of a word, Locating exception source, Locating documentation, Programming Tools
@subsection Locating uses of a word
@cindex Uses of a word
@node Locating exception source, Examining compiled code, Locating uses of a word, Programming Tools
@subsection Locating exception source
......@@ -124,9 +124,10 @@ variable included-file-buffers
dup name>view swap name>string nip set-located-view ;
: locate-name ( nt -- )
name-set-located-view l ;
name-set-located-view l ;
: locate ( "name" -- ) \ gforth
\g Show the source code of the word @i{name}.
(') locate-name ;
' locate alias view ( "name" -- ) \ gforth
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