Commit 60bde3af authored by Anton Ertl's avatar Anton Ertl

help adapted to dark-mode

parent f4ce6660
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ To leave Gforth, type "bye", or use Ctrl-D at the start of a line.
To input floating-point numbers, use an exponent, e.g. "1e".
To input double-cell integers without warnings, use a base-prefix and put
the '.' only in the last position, e.g. "#1.".
For better colors on dark background, type "black-colors".
For better colors on dark background, type "dark-mode".
Disable warnings with "warnings off" and reduce warnings with "-1 warnings !"
Config in ~/.config/gforthrc0 before loading anything, ~/.config/gforthrc for interactive mode
~/.config/gforthrc0 is loaded before processing the OS command line.
~/.config/gforthrc is loaded before entering the Forth command line.
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