Add ARMv8 neon implementation

parent 51328ccb
......@@ -17,12 +17,12 @@
#include "KeccakF-1600-opt64-settings.h"
#include "KeccakF-1600.h"
extern void KeccakP1600_Permute(void * state, int round);
extern void KeccakP1600_Permute_Nrounds(void * state, int round);
extern void KeccakP1600_Initialize(void * state);
void KeccakF(keccak_state state, int round)
KeccakP1600_Permute(state, round);
KeccakP1600_Permute_Nrounds(state, round);
void KeccakInitializeState(keccak_state state)
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