More night mode stuff

parent 3b3270d3
......@@ -36,4 +36,5 @@ $FFFFBBFF re-text-color link-blue
$88FF88FF re-text-color re-green
$FF8888FF re-text-color obj-red
$444444FF re-color edit-bg
$408040FF re-color send-color
......@@ -393,19 +393,20 @@ $00FFFFFF color, sf,
\ more colors
$88FF88FF color: my-signal
$CCFFCCFF color: other-signal
$CC00CCFF color: my-signal-otr
$880088FF color: other-signal-otr
$88FF88FF new-color: my-signal
$CCFFCCFF new-color: other-signal
$CC00CCFF new-color: my-signal-otr
$880088FF new-color: other-signal-otr
$4444CCFF text-color: link-blue
$44CC44FF text-color: re-green
$CC4444FF text-color: obj-red
$00BFFFFF text-color: light-blue
$44FF44FF text-color: greenish
$33883366 color: day-color
$88333366 color: hour-color
$33883366 new-color: day-color
$88333366 new-color: hour-color
$FFFFFFFF text-color: realwhite
$FEFEFEFF color: edit-bg
$FFFFFFFF new-color: edit-bg
$80FF80FF new-color: send-color
: nick[] ( box o:nick -- box )
[: data >o ." clicked on " ke-nick $. cr o> ;] o click[] ;
......@@ -1041,8 +1042,8 @@ wmsg-o >o msg-table @ token-table ! o>
>o act >o [: connection .chat-next-line ;] is edit-next-line o> o o>
>o act >o [: connection .chat-prev-line ;] is edit-prev-line o> o o>
glue*l $80FF80FF color, font-size# 40% f* }}frame dup .button2
!i18n l" Send" }}text' !lit 40%b
glue*l send-color x-color font-size# 40% f* }}frame dup .button2
blackish !i18n l" Send" }}text' !lit 40%b
[: data >o chat-edit-enter "" to text$ o>
chat-edit engage ;] chat-edit click[]
}}z box[]
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